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The idea of creation of our clan appeared in the end of  january 2011 , but it wasn’t a success because did’nt have many members join, so it was forgotten   . Some time after that the idea was mentioned again and as the result  https://shawarena.wordpress.com

was created. It happened on march, 2011. So this date became the official month of creating of our clan. 

Our Rules

*Important: you need to have facebook to talk to other clan Members.*

  1. Official Chat languages are English.
  2. Be respectful with everyone in the chat.
  3. Do not ask for a Rank promote, you must earn it with actions
  4. Do not abuse of your condition inside the chat
  5. Respect the authority of the leaders
  6. If you see someone insulting or doing something inappropriate, you are free to report to clan leader to kick him out of clan.
  7.  Multi-Claning is not allowed here.
  8. U can ask other Members to help u lv up and missions! and Private battle to test team.
  9. if u want to join pls message clan leader in facebook and tell them to add u in clan facebook group!

Current Recruiting Status : Recruiting /pm clan leader for more info.

So that means you can join our clan just incase one of our Clan Leaders or Leaders invites you to our Clan. So it’s not impossible to join. Everyone can have his chance, be friendly and active on our Chat, show Respect/Maturity, try to impress us in some way and we may Invite you. Good Luck. 

The first members of the clan were:


_ Madara Uchiha:(based on Clan Leader) 

  • hussam_gawish
  • si7o

_ Itachi Uchiha: (based on Member)

  • akshaybunny2

_ Nagato: (based on captain)

  1. naruto_asd
  2. aa00hung

_ Sasuke Uchiha (based on new Member)

  • akshaybunny3
  • bechojboom1995
  • dark_man_koko
  • hauc
  • narutosasukeboy
  • powpowhammer
  • sd_sasuke

And in the future we still rising more more!

Here is clan profile right now: update 11/01/2012

By the Way i would like to thanks everyone who read this Blog and good luck to all new Members and clan Member! Cheer 

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